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Eigen automates the extraction of data from your documents. Use our simple, flexible natural language processing technology to accurately extract data from diverse documents at scale and to classify these documents based on their content. Then use this data to make the right business decisions.We are a research-led artificial intelligence company backed by Goldman Sachs and Temasek. We translate the latest methodologies from applied physics, mathematics, and machine learning into the technology that underpins our product.


Mine your documents for valuable data

Your documents and contracts are your most valuable assets. Most businesses, however, don’t use them to their full potential. With Eigen, you can mine sources of text—large or small–to pull out the specific pieces of data you need. Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, our product learns to recognize patterns in your text to give you accurate answers to your unique questions. It also classifies your documents based on attributes you want to select for.

Our core algorithms aren’t pre-trained to any specific language, and this means that we can find patterns in your documents no matter which language they’re written in. Our clients currently use our platform to analyze documents in multiple European and Asian languages.

Use your data to make the right decisions

Once your data has been unlocked from your documents, you can use it to drive smarter, faster business decisions. Our clients have used us to help them with everything from meeting regulatory requirements to calculating their risk-weighted assets and making quick decisions about whether to bid on asset portfolios. And we’re just getting started.

Take the power of machine learning into your own hands

We place the power of machine learning in the hands of anyone in your organization. You control the full process of training our product to answer your questions. Eigen learns solely from your documents: your data is yours alone, and is never used to power models for other companies.

Integrate with your systems

We can deploy on your premises or in a cloud environment. Build Eigen’s technology into your workflow by using our APIs to line up documents for extraction and send extracted data back into your databases.

We value information security and have adopted globally recognized approaches that include but are not limited to:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018
  • ISO 22301