Jono Gregory

KPMG Associate, Emerging Technology and Managing Director

Youmeus Global


Jonathon helps corporations, government, investors and startups harness emerging technologies to reimagine operational, regulatory, transactional and supply chain interactions with a human centric approach to a realtime world. His expertise is focused on operationalizing AgFoodTech, GovTech, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Deep Science.

GovTech Innovation Leader: Jonathon was executive director of operations for the NSW Department of Primary Industries with responsibility for agriculture, biosecurity, fisheries, water, crown land, food and trade. Beyond undertaking multiple organisational transformation roles, he also led projects that delivered:

–      First Digital licencecovering 570,000 recreational fishing licences and 100 compliance staff with smart phone enabled digital licencing

  • First Global IoT innovation Centrein partnership with Cisco and R&D institutions focused on developing AgTech implementations of global significance

–      First digitized biosecurity servicewith a realtime diagnostic and analytics capability from field to laboratory to decision makers

IoT and AI Leadership: Founding director of KPMG Smart Food and Fibre practice focused on IoT in the agriculture and food supply chain. Delivered a range of client projects from government policy creation to implementation of whole of landscape and whole of supply chain IoT solutions. Addressed opportunities for using AI and IoT to enable infrastructure, airfreight, smart city, finance and insurance.

Regional and Remote Leadership: Implemented emerging technology enabled transformation solutions into regional and remote locations to assist small to medium businesses, citizens, government and global corporate operations.

Transformation Leader: Held senior executive operational roles utilising emerging technology to transform organizations over 20 years.

Entrepreneur: Pursuing startup opportunities in London, Buenos Aries, New York and Sydney with a focus on enabling an AI and IoT realtime world.