Horia Selegan

Horia Selegean

Head of Revenue Assurance

BT Global Services


Horia Selegean, Head of Revenue Assurance, BT Global Services

Horia Selegean has been working in Telecom for over 18 years in some of the most dynamic and diverse business environments: from Vodafone Romania, the leading mobile operator to Carphone Warehouse, the largest phone retail chain in Europe and one of the leading MVNO in the UK; Telefonica O2/ the largest retail mobile operator in the UK at that time, and now British Telecom one of the latest telecom providers in the world and the leading telecom provider in the UK for fixed voice and access services. He has spent the last 10 years in Revenue Assurance, and now heads up the Global Services Revenue Assurance team in BT, implementing a robust framework of system controls and Bespoke Contracts obligations management using big Data analytics and machine learning contract analytics tools.